Bodin Oil Recovery, Inc. is an Abbeville, Louisiana based company with over 35 years of experience providing used oil and fuel recycling to customers across the Gulf Coast.  Established in 1981 by Keith and Deanna Bodin trading a pickup truck for a small oil collection truck, Bodin Oil Recovery has grown into a full service bulk transportation and fuel processing facility capable of processing over 250,000 barrels of fuel oil per year.  As a certified transporter and processor of hydrocarbon-based materials, we offer environmentally friendly solutions through the repurposing of contaminated materials reducing overall disposal costs.

Through our state of the art process, all hydrocarbon based materials are repurposed as a #4 fuel oil product that is used as cutter stock and burner fuel. Our dedication to providing environmentally friendly solutions and exemplary customer service gives our clients confidence in knowing their unusable hydrocarbon materials are transported and repurposed in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner.

Recycling Services:

  Used Oil (motor, hydraulic, transmission)
  Oily Water/Antifreeze
  Non-PCB Oils
  Off-Spec Fuels

Bodin Oil Recovery
Used Oil Containers

We understand the importance of maintaining high environmental and safety standards and strictly following local, state and federal regulations that govern the used oil and fuel recycling industry. Contact us today!