In 2000, Bodin Oil Recovery, Inc. acquired Action Oil Recovery with the goal of providing clients customized route collection services.  With a fleet of bobtail vacuum trucks, our route oil trucks can service customers on a recurring schedule or will call basis.  Our customized route services ensure customers their used oil transport requirements will be provided in a timely manner.

Action Oil Recovery also has a route filter collection service that allows us to refresh your filter containers without the risk of overflowing.  We provide 55-gallon drums or 65-gallon rolling cans.  We can also provide 250-gallon tote tanks for non-hazardous liquids.

Recycling Services:

  Used Oil Collection
  Used Oil Filters/Absorbents Collection
  Oily Wastewater/Antifreeze Collection
  Off-spec Fuels Collection
  Sump Cleaning Services
  Parts Cleaners

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Action Oil Recovery Truck

Action Oil Recovery services a variety of customers. Contact us today!